The Battle For Inner Chastity

“Everybody has different temptations against impurity and he should guard carefully against them. Some people have a tendency toward infatuations of one kind or another, and they cherish them willfully in their hearts, day in

Forgetting Porn and Avoiding “Triggers”

“The soul is incapable of truly acquiring control of the passions and restriction of the inordinate appetites without forgetting and withdrawing from the sources of these emotions. Disturbances never arise in a soul; unless through

How to Combat the Devil When Addicted to Porn

An endlessly fascinating book is “Possessed by Satan” by Fr. Adolf Rodewyk, S.J. In it, he recounts the details of several exorcisms. During one such ritual, the demon, which possessed a 19th Century German woman,

Art and Beauty

I recently discovered a great contemporary religious artist by the name of Joseph F. Brickey. I have not seen such exquisitely beautiful works since the great neo-classical artists of the 19th Century: i.e Bouguereau, Ingres,