Author’s note: In a short ten years, there has been major flip-flop within American opinion regarding same-sex marriage. The most affected: people aged 18-34 who approve of gay marriage at the highest rate (74%) of any demographic. Not surprisingly, this sub-sect of society includes those who are most plugged-in to pop-culture and the mass-media; they have grown up with Katy Perry singing “I Kissed a Girl;“ Lady Gaga extolling all to believe that they were “Born this Way;” and the staged photo-ops of starry-eyed celebrity gay couples. Surrounding these semi-talented people are cadres of gay courtiers and hangers-on who also make up a large bulk of their dedicated fan-base. Therefore, the mass brain-washing of the populace is part financial opportunism and part genuine fanaticism; as these power-pushers in the media are true believers – the progeny of Madonna who started the whole gay-chic phenomena over 25 years ago.