Swallowed by Satan: How Our Lord Jesus Christ Saved Me from Pornography, Homosexuality, and the Occult

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Speechless…..This book was the most heartbreaking, earth-shattering and brutally honest account of the effects of pornography and the homosexual lifestyle that one could ever read, I dare say. Joseph Sciambra doesn’t leave much to the imagination and with good reason. As I read, I realized that by revealing his own personal, harrowing journey, Joseph, wants the reader to truly grasp exactly what these twin malignant evils can do to the soul and just how far down they can drag a person…to Hell, literally! This isn’t a story written by a person who has a political agenda. This is one person’s real life experience and his personal encounter with Evil. If this all wasn’t enough, Joseph lays out the BEST psychological analysis of homosexuality that I have ever read. He lived it and has come out on the other side to tell his remarkable and heart-rending story. Read this book!
This is a book that you read to take an inside look at a human lifestyle from the perspective of a gifted individual who himself made great strides to overcome tremendous adversity and internal struggles. Sciambra is brave, oh so brave, to put himself “out” in the public eye so that others may live.The book is detailed, and the word “graphic” is too cliche to use in this genre, so “detailed” is a good way to describe the content. My interest in this book comes from trying to understand the actual behavior patterns, motivations, struggles, and the phenomenological description of what it means to be deep in the “life” and come out of the depths of horror in the hands of a loving savior, Jesus Christ. Sciambra is on the front-lines trying to help as many people as he can, while being a living testament to the miracles of healing, conversion, obedience, and a model of self-help for all of humanity, no matter what they may be struggling with. Be brave, read the book, and learn from it. Sciambra’s work is suitable for anyone interested in the content, as well as social workers, psychologists, counselors, parents, friends, relatives, mothers, fathers, clergy, and deliverance ministers working in and around this special population of people struggling to be free and healthy.
A unique work of biographical and phenomenological genius. Read the book.
This book is difficult to read, at times, and graphic. However, if you press through the difficulty, it is amazing to see the restoration, redemption, and deliverance that Joseph experienced. I read his blog frequently, so I thought I knew his story, but this book goes MUCH more in-depth than he can do on the blog. There are some typos here and there, but his story is an important one to know. I am so glad he took the time to share it, even though it had to be a challenge to go back and write about it. Thank you, Joseph, for your book. You’re a walking miracle and testimony to what God can do. I pray for you to persevere in the freedom you have found.
it is amazing to see the restoration
I wasn’t really prepared for the graphic descriptions of life in the Castro District of San Francisco. I was stunned by what actually goes on and how entranced some of those who follow a debased lifestyle are with their debauchery, trashing all self-respect for a momentary thrill. The book was done in as good taste as a Catholic Christian can write it but none-the-less, pretty heavy stuff!

Joseph makes us feel what it is like to be deeply in the clutches of the enemy of our souls. He shared with us the pain and suffering he felt when his good friends died (and are still dying) from A.I.D.S. and suicide. He brought us on the journey of his growing up years, always relating to his family in a loving and respectful way although many who succumb to this lifestyle have had terrible childhoods. He relates how his moral descent came as a child when he was exposed to pornography and it became an addiction. He also related how it was only when he hit rock bottom when in his late 20’s and was near death, that he began his recovery. He also wrote about his own possession and delivery from the belly of enemy of souls which came as a surprise to him as he had no idea there was a foreign body living within him.

Thank you Joseph for sharing your life and giving us a glimpse of what is really happening in the psyche’s of those entrenched in that lifestyle. Thank you Joseph for also sharing your continuing saga of your reformed life through your website in an attempt to educate and help others who may be looking to make sense of life. May God Bless You and keep you safe !!

A painful journey in truth