At the recent Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, I had a rather odd occurrence involving my St. Benedict medal bracelet, a completely naked “slave,” and a masked gay demon. It went something like this: at the street intersections of the Fair, foot traffic severally backed-up and things were literally shoulder to shoulder; the experience was totally uncomfortable: with the guys sweating and beginning to smell, and all the vulgar displays of nakedness for nakedness sake – it was slightly overwhelming and incredibly annoying. At one point, someone accidentally shoved me from behind and my arm went out in front of my chest; then, the cold medal beads of my bracelet slightly brushed against the back of a naked teen – who looked to be barely 18: he wore nothing, except a gold-colored chain around his neck; my heart went out to him. The instant the St. Benedict medals touched him, he began to scream wildly. I was taken aback by his reaction; after that, realized it was the bracelet. I stood perfectly straight as he continued to bellow. A few steps ahead, his “master” came bounding towards us. The “master” was a bizarre figure: completely covered from head to toe in various leathers, masks, and scarves; no semblance of the human being lying beneath was visible; it was as if someone had dressed an indiscernible force to give it form and shape. Quickly, the figure put one of its arms and fists in front of my face; I pushed it aside and flashed my St. Benedict bracelet and said – don’t mess with me, I have Jesus here. Then, in a split second, they scurried away and disappeared.