As a meditation on humility, the perfect image is of Chris washing the feet of the Apostles: yet, sometimes, as should always be the case – we are focused on Jesus, how the Lord of the Universe humbled Himself before Man; but, that was not the only act of humility present. For, it also took great meekness of Spirit for the Apostles to allow their Master to lower Himself before them; in essence – allow someone to touch us, to heal us, therefore, to admit that we are in need of healing – of cleansing. And, this requires the greatest moment of self-abasement: to admit that we are dirty and broken. In the gay community, there is currently a sort of collective conscious reality that is apathetic tending towards inertia; a comfortability within the homosexual orientation brought about by modern psychiatric theories of gay inevitability and the avoidance of any linkage between childhood trauma and later incidences of same-sex attraction. In this milieu, gays believe that their sexuality is something wholly ingrained; hence, the modern phenomena of prepubescent “coming-out.” Secure in a biological fact that they had no hand in, they enter into a state of mind which neatly dismisses the past, becomes obsessed with present self-realization and satisfaction, and a perceived future nirvana free of any dissenting voices: voices which may remind them that everything in their euphoric condition is not all as it appears. Occasionally, for some, when the blindness dissipates, we realize that we have been wounded; that we need help. Even then, the instinctual reaction is to remain guarded and surrounded by the familiar; to let Jesus touch us requires vulnerability and enough clarity to see the Truth – the truth of ourselves: even in all its ugliness.