Disturbing Image Accompanies LGBT Conference Featuring James Martin

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(Above: This graphic accompanied the registration material for the Quest Conference – it apparently depicts the hand of a boy, next to a rainbow flag, walking over a rainbow-colored bridge made of children’s blocks, towards the large hand of a man, next the the flag of the Vatican.)

From August 10-12, 2018, Quest, a pastoral support group for LGBT Catholics hosted a “conference” at Robert Grosseteste University in Lincoln, England. The featured speakers included Jesuit priest James Martin, self-outed gay priest James Alison, and Bishop Peter Doyle of Northampton. In 2012, Quest came out publicly in support of same-sex marriage in the UK:

If, as we believe, all love and fidelity between human beings has its ultimate grounding in God, then Quest sees no inherent reason why the dedication of two human beings, committed in a public act of self-giving and devotion, should not take place in an explicitly religious setting. Indeed, for people of faith, not to include that element in an act of public devotion would be to exclude an essential dimension, the dimension of faith.

Concerning the so-called “clobber texts” in the Bible which forbid homosexual activity, Quest maintains:

Progressive religionists must stop using the word “abomination” to refer to toevah. The word plays into the hands of fundamentalists on the one hand, and anti-religious zealots on the other, both of whom want to depict the Bible as virulently and centrally concerned with the “unnatural” acts of gays and lesbians. In fact, toevah is mostly about idolatry, and male homosexual behavior is only as abominable as remarriage or not keeping kosher. Whenever we use the word “abomination” we are perpetuating the misunderstanding of Biblical text and the religious persecution of LGBT people…I like “taboo” as a replacement. It conveys the culturally relative nature of toevah, has some connotation of foreignness, and rightly aligns the taboo against homosexuality with taboos against, for example, eating unkosher food. It also has a vaguely archaic feel, which it should. 

Concerning same-sex relationships, Quest recommends that:

When one is dealing with people who are so predominately homosexual that they will be in serious personal and perhaps social trouble unless they attain a steady partnership within their homosexual lives, one can recommend them to seek such a partnership and one accepts this relationship as the best they can do in their present situation.

According to Quest: “People of all ages are welcome to join Quest and, whenever possible, a Young Person’s Officer serves on the national committee with the specific task of organising events for younger members.”

Part of the work of Quest includes supporting LGBT students in Catholic schools. Quest recommends an extensive set of curriculum proposed by the LGBT-affirmative “Stonewall Education Conference” which includes the use of the “Genderbread” person. The Genderbread graphic was also recommended to Catholic educators at the 2018 Los Angeles Religious Education Congress; Martin was a featured speaker at the 2018 Congress.



  1. Steve Bates August 11, 2018 at 11:09 pm

    Sick, sick, sick, is all one can say about that, but what more would one expect from that cult. Anyone that is in that cult and wants to find God needs to leave it, too much sin gets in the way from the cult to have being in that cult not be an extreme danger to Salvation.

  2. Evangeline August 11, 2018 at 11:42 pm

    Dear God, protect boys!
    What monstrous, hideous, vile people! Good and decent people need to storm that place and go nuts. When these perverts get so arrogant they are boldly proclaiming their pederasty, it is time to stand up, all of us, and say NOT WITH ANY CHILD. This is going to get real serious. Hell yawns before these monsters, but there are many people willing to send them there quicker than they might have anticipated. You touch a child, you are playing with dynamite.

  3. Chris Ramsey August 12, 2018 at 12:15 pm

    The distortion of basic Judeo-Christian theology has got to stop, but it will only be done through patient, persistent teaching of “right doctrine”. “Taboo” is not a REPLACEMENT for “abomination”. That’s an error. A practice is taboo precisely because it is understood to be abominable. Whatever happened to “The Four Loves”? What’s going on now is truly diabolical!

  4. Evangeline August 12, 2018 at 12:50 pm

    I hope everyone who reads this post, and I thank you for it Joseph, will share this and demand of “Father” James Martin an answer. Is the flaming bridge he’s so enthusiastic about more about man/boy sexual activity than has been revealed? Here in this image (for today) we see a bridge of a child’s blocks, and the boy’s hand is flirtatiously walking over to the man’s flirtatious hand. What more evidence do we need that THIS is the bridge “Father” James Martin is so eager to cross?

    Please everyone, share this article far and wide. “Father” Martin must be asked to account for this, as well as anyone involved in this demonic conference.

    God help boys.

  5. Frank August 18, 2018 at 4:08 pm

    As a same-sex attracted male who lived the whole “Gay” life and am now living a life of prayer, chastity and repentance for my many sins, thank you, Joseph, for exposing this degeneracy for what it really is.
    All “Gay” men have the fantasy of “turning” a teen age boy by being the first one to have sex with him. They will tell you that this is not true. It is a demonic lie.
    James Martin is a demonic tool. I have known the type of queer that he is: coy, more clever with a phrase than intelligent, always the center of attention, cannot imagine that anyone would not see things his way.
    He needs a 100% heterosexual male to punch his lights out and throw him on the nearest trash pile.

    • Jane August 24, 2018 at 3:22 pm

      Frank, You are a true blessing. How difficult this all must have been for you. Thank you. You are hereby nominated for the most informative, most transformative post on this subject to date. And, the most manly. God Bless you and Keep you, Always.

  6. Evangeline August 19, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    Thank you for your honest testimony Frank. God bless you and may He help you and sustain you every day, and all with same-sex attraction.

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