According to a recent a U.S. study, anal sex may be linked to an increased risk of incontinence, particularly among men who have sex with men. Researchers analyzed national health survey data from 6,150 adults and found 37 percent of women and about 5 percent of men reported trying anal intercourse at least once. When they did, the women were 50 percent more likely than their peers to report having fecal incontinence at least once a month, while the men’s odds of incontinence were almost tripled.

Author’s note:
Over 3 decades since the beginning of the AIDS crisis, the “gay” male community have yet to come to terms with how and why their actions caused homosexuals males – who are about 2% of the general population, but account for 67% of all HIV infections, to become susceptible to a variety of ailments, for the most part, only seen among “gay” men and not in particularly high numbers among their heterosexual counterparts; this includes, shigella, syphilis and anal HPV. Part and parcel with the larger phenomena of HIV and STDs in homosexual men is the continuing practice of anal sex in the “gay” male community; “In the United States alone, receptive anal intercourse is practiced in up to 90 percent of gay and other men who have sex with men, according to International Rectal Microbicides Advocates.” Yet, although women do at times take part in anal sex, within the “gay” male community, because there is a total lack of temperance from the female, anal intercourse between men can become completely aggressive and ultimately damaging. According the National Health Service of the UK, it is not uncommon for physicians and medical personnel to find a number of Traumatic Anorectal Conditions in “gay” men, including: Traumatic Proctitis, Peri-Anal Haematoma, and Anal Fissures and Ulcers.* As a once sexually active “gay” man, these sorts of “inconveniences” are just part of life; I discovered this fact rather quickly, soon after an older man “broke-me-in;” the pain was undeniable, but I was always assured that “it gets better;” sometimes it did – sometimes it didn’t. At that point, friends and various acquaintances start prescribing home-remedies, such as Vaseline suppositories, coffee enemas, and butt-plugs. Well-respected psychologist and “gay” author Walt Odets once remarked: “I think that anal sex has for gay men the same emotional significance that vaginal sex has for heterosexuals.” Yet, clearly, the two are not analogous.

In 1999, when I got out of the “gay” lifestyle, I was left only with a racked and ripped body. Although, while living in San Francisco, I frequently visited a local proctologist, who catered mainly to the male homosexual community, I always knew that someday I would have a very heavy price to pay. That day arrived, in 2001, when, after several years of almost incessant bleeding, I went to a doctor who discovered that I had become severely anemic. He treated that, only, the lingering cause of my general ill health had to be addressed; then, I underwent a series of extremely painful surgeries – it took care of the bleeding, nevertheless, I was left with only a partially complete colon and an embarrassing amount of incontinence. It’s a constant reminder of my past. While, many have passed-over my experiences as an aberration affecting only the overly-active; in fact, studies have found that over 50% of HIV transmissions in US “gay” men are from main sexual partners. This is because the majority of “gay” men in so-called “committed” relationships rarely, if ever, use condoms; also, in reality, condoms merely provide as false sense of security, in that, they were never originally designed for homosexual use, in fact a majority of HIV cases occur due to condom failure during “gay” male anal sex. Subsequently, the presence of semen in the anus, after anal sex, will cause an immunosuppression within the rectum, therefore making HIV infection easier. This actually happened to a friend of mine in the early-1990s; unlike myself, he had always been especially particular about who he slept with – while I needed a score-card, he could count his lovers on one hand; although, at the time, he was “happily” coupled, we often accompanied each other to the proctologist; later, I was shocked when he became HIV-positive.

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