The Porn/Planned Parenthood Connection: The Other Side of Pro-Life

2017-04-06T19:03:18+00:00September 28th, 2012|Blog, Pop Culture & Porn|

Although I deeply love my brothers and sisters who stand tirelessly in front of so-called “health” clinics and compassionately sidewalk counsel men and women about the evils of abortion (infanticide) and contraceptives, I have decided to take a different tactic and go after the hearts and minds of children before they become sexually active and feel that they must walk into a Planned Parenthood death-house. I believe, that in their efforts to create sexually active children, at a younger and younger age, Planned Parenthood ruthlessly promotes worldwide brain-washing seminars, thinly disguised as sex-education classes, in our public schools. These outlandish sex programs dig deep into the Pandora’s box of porn in an effort to make even the most deviant behavior seem acceptable. Dr. Judith Reisman has expertly documented the whole mess in her authoritative work: “Sexual Sabotage.” Sadly, for the most part, their efforts have been successful, and when children become pregnant, infected with various STDS, or in need of a condom supply: who do they turn to? Planned Parenthood.

To further prove that Planned Parenthood has signed an unholy alliance with porn, I will use their own words, pictures, and the statements of those who support them to prove my point. From the Planned Parenthood website: “…many people enjoy using pornography or erotica as a part of their sex play – alone or with a partner…There is no indication that using pornography causes problems…” Porn pusher Dave Pounder said of the site: “I think teens are going to have sex regardless…Comprehensive sex education is the way to go, and if pornography is included as part of the program, that’s okay. Planned Parenthood is doing an exceptional job…” The GoAskAlice website, recommended for teens by Planned Parenthood, heralds the benefits of pornography and its positive effects on healthy sexual behaviors. In addition, Planned Parenthood highly touts the following three books for use by educators and parents in the school or home setting:


“What’s the Big Secret?” (Supposedly for grade-schoolers. Includes a subtle, but cunning introduction to masturbation and pornography. On page 16, the authors compare masturbation to washing your hands, combing your hair, and a cat cleaning itself. In the picture, a small boy rubs a blanket while watching another boy on TV.)


“It’s Perfectly Normal” (For the 10 and up crowd. Very explicit drawings of naked bodies and various sexual positions, including one which mimics the open “%$*@^!” shots pioneered by Penthouse Magazine.


“Changing Bodies, Changing Lives” (For 13+. A hard-core sex manual with everything from oral, anal, and gay/lesbian sex. From my perspective, the most bizarre section suggests that children who think they may be gay network with others on the Internet. Included is the very strange black & white picture of a male chest covered by multiple female hands.)

I censored the photos.