Here are my Top 10 favorite Saints (besides Our Lady; who is in a category all her own,) and why I love them:

1. Saint Joseph: He literally saved me; the male part of my psyche was so damaged that I needed the supremely masculine influence and Love from the foster-father, who cradled God in His arms, of Jesus Christ.

2. Saint Michael the Archangel: The Warrior of God; I recite his prayer every day. The devil will flee after the first sight of him.

3. Saint Aloysius Gonzaga: I read a biography of him and was blown away by his purity and discipline; a role model for all Catholic boys.

4. Saint Mary Magdalene: When I was searching through the Bible for any hope of salvation, her redemption was a shining light of Faith.

5. Saint John the Evangelist: Beloved by Christ for his purity; was the lone Apostle at the Crucifixion.

6. Saint Dymphna: The patron of mental illness; after leaving porn and the gay lifestyle, I thought I was going mad. For most of my life, wrong had been right; her prayers helped to reoreintate my life towards the healing power of God.

7. Saint Bernadette: Stout-hearted and courageous; like myself, also a sufferer from asthma. She embraced chastity, poverty, and obedience, and did it with a keen sense of humor.

8. Saint Francis of Assisi: Never did anything half-way; battled his lusts and passions, but with joy and a Love for Christ.

9. Saint Benedict of Nursia: Fought the devil, and won; the founder of Western Monasticism.

10. Saint Josemaria Escriva: A thoroughly modern man who tackled modern problems; no-nonsense and simple advice that is always supremely profound.

Honorable mention: Saint Faustina, Saint Padre Pio, Saint Sebastian, Saint Teresa of Avila, and Saint Maria Goretti.