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…Jesus Christ is the only power that can make us intact once again.


Inside every heart of a “gay” man or woman is a missing piece to the puzzle. Even though, we were all born intact – something along the way: an unloving parent, a vicious bully at school, a pornographic image on the computer screen, robbed us of our God-given wholeness. Yet, we are oblivious to this; we think of ourselves as different, misunderstood, or persecuted. Those first feelings are confusing, but later they become natural and we can’t recall a time when we didn’t have them. Gradually, we look towards anything that will confirm their righteousness. Here, in a world of acquiescence – we are deceived and come to believe entirely in the genetic status of our homosexuality. At first, in the initial flurry of hope – we believe we have been made whole by simply coming-out. But a mismatched piece of the puzzle has been forced into place; and, no matter how much we try – it never quite fits. Then, we start to become desperate; we grasp at almost anything: we move from one partner to another, and, then we lose track, strange thoughts and ideas enter our mind, we’re doing things we never imaged we would do, but we have become the false masters of our own destiny, yet we are more lost than ever; however, it seems to work for a while and we appear happy; only, later, everything falls out of place. For the rest of our lives, we spend every moment looking for that lost part of ourselves. Collectively, the gay community thinks the now vanished Holy Grail is gay-marriage. By holding it, all will be made well and the King brought back to health. Only, the sickness lies within – and the Cross of Jesus Christ is the only power that can make us intact once again.

…no one is born “gay.”

Since I was a child – I knew I was different – I knew I was “gay.” Therefore, I must have been born that way; I was born “gay.” These same words have been thought and spoken by millions of men and women; and, although there is not one piece of scientific evidence which definitively points to a genetic or any other biological component to homosexuality, most people still believe it. Actually, from my own experiences, the opposite is really proven all the time, as many gay men and women oftentimes share similar childhood backgrounds. For the most part, I found that homosexuals were deeply injured people; suffering greatly from the past that was out of their control: abuse, alienation, neglect, feelings of inadequacy and loneliness are common memories for many homosexuals. Yet, unlike most people, these emotions affected us in a profound way and later created the circumstances by which we would accept “gay” as the missing piece we had always searched for.

Only, God did not create anyone “gay.” His creation followed “natural law.” From the spiraling of the galaxies, to the revolution of the planets around our Sun; all reflected in the symbiosis of animal and plant kingdoms right down to the smallest atoms; the world was made to function in harmony. Even before the advent of Man, fossil remains have shown that life flourished on the Earth. Everything was self-sustaining. With the Fall, came the introduction of disorder. Man lapsed into a cycle of removing himself from the rules of Nature: pain, sorrow, and anguish entered human existence. Children were born, and the innocence of what once was quickly disappeared. Man had distanced himself from God. Perfection was no longer an in-born quality. Now, we are subject to our hungers and lusts. How we control them determines just how close we can return to that pre-Tree-of-Knowledge state. As a consequence, every “gay” child should know that he or she was not born different, or “gay:” there is no third sex and there is no orientation besides heterosexual; therefore, everyone, including those who later “come-out” as “gay,” were born either male or female – and heterosexual. Now, along the way, usually beginning in childhood, that biological Truth becomes chipped away in our psyche. For instance, typically in a boy who later becomes a “gay” man, there is a serious disconnect with the father figure resulting in an intense awareness of hostility and rejection. At this point – the first instances of same-sex attraction enter the mind, but we can neither understand nor process them; later, usually after experiencing further rejection – in this case, from peers, we begin to homoeroticize the emotional loss and that estrangement from male love twists into something sexual; and – eventually, we begin to accept them.

But what are we accepting? The Creation of man by God was an act of love; now, would that same God create certain men with a tendency toward evil; or an inclination that is disordered? No God of love did that. But, even if you are not a Christian, even if you are an aesthete – can you accept that a mindless Nature predestined that “gay” men would ultimately be unable to express physically their feelings of “love” for another man; because, the fact remains: “gay” men are 140X more at risk of contracting HIV or syphilis than heterosexual men; in comparison, according to the American Cancer Society, men who smoke are “only” 23X more likely to contract lung cancer than non-smokers; just in the United States alone, were over 300,000 “gay” men, who died of AIDS, simply born to die? Or, perhaps, have things gone incredibly wrong: that we have been deceived; that we have been tricked into believing we are “gay?”


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