In 2013, actor Mark Wahlberg was profiled in a lengthy article from “The Hollywood Reporter” in which he discussed his career and his religious beliefs; concerning Catholicism and same-sex marriage, Wahlberg came-out in support of same-sex marriage; according to the article:

He is nonjudgmental about others who don’t share his beliefs, but still prays that they might find God, as he has. He says he’s impressed with Pope Francis (“He’s pretty awesome”) but rejects the church’s stance on gay marriage, which he supports “absolutely.”

In 2015, Wahlberg starred in the profanity-strewn movie “Ted 2” – which it’s creators were open about the plotline’s support for same-sex marriage; in connection with the promotion of the film, Wahlberg said:

“We’re bringing up these issues but at the same time trying to make a movie that’s entertaining, with people leaving the theater feeling happy but also a little bit more aware that not everybody is being treated equally, and that’s not right.”

In 2017, he was asked about Catholicism and his support for same-sex marriage; and whether or not he had spoken to Pope Francis or Cardinal Blasé Cupich of Chicago about this issue; Wahlberg said:

“I haven’t spoken with the cardinal or the pope about that…I just think we have a lot more important issues to be worrying about.”

[Update: In 2021, Wahlberg starred in the LGBTQ propaganda film “Joe Bell.” The movie is about a father and his bullied “gay” son. During the promotion of the film, Wahlberg shared various social media messages he received from parents of LGBTQ children; among them, a message from parent that states: such parents must “accept their children as they are!” This is a form of shaming and bullying parents who choose to handle this situation differently in their family.]