I am often asked: “Why the devotion to St. Joseph?” Without going into a lengthy explanation, which I do in my book, I usually say that everyone, especially males, young or old, should have a special love for St. Joseph – as he is the model for all men, single or married, all those who Love Our Lord Jesus Christ, and all those who strive towards holiness. First, according to the mystical writings recorded by Marie of Agreda, St. Joseph pledged himself to perpetual virginity at age 12, was chosen as the spouse of the Blessed Virgin after his staff blossomed into white lilies; a sign of purity. Second, over the Christ-child, Joseph had authority. For, Joseph proved to be the pillar of humility and obedience; whenever Our Lord spoke to him, Joseph always made haste and did His bidding; without question or murmur. Lastly, Joseph was trusted with the honor of protecting and instructing Jesus. In this he was diligent and steadfast: Jesus and His Mother were repeatedly safeguarded from the evil machinations of the demonically inspired despot Herod, and lived in Nazareth, under complete safety and security; Joseph also instructed Jesus on Jewish traditions and The Torah, apparently so well, that Jesus was addressed as Rabbi.

Let us all pray to be held by Our Loving Father St. Joseph, healed of our wounds, protected from danger, strengthened towards chastity and holiness, and instructed as to the Laws of God. Amen.