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In an ironic turn of truthfulness, that invariably reveals much about homosexuality and its root causes, a famous gay web-site heralded: “This Father’s Day there’s no shortage of events happening for gay daddies and their admirers all around the country: ‘Daddy’s Day Pool Party’ in Fort Lauderdale, ‘Come to Daddy’ in Brighton, ‘Leather Daddy’ at Numbers in San Diego, ‘Disco Daddy’ at The Eagle in San Francisco, ‘Daddy Bearz Tea Dance’ at Club Cafe in Boston.” Then, they continued: “Intergenerational romances are nothing new, especially in the gay community…There’s something sexy about an older daddy mentoring his younger son…both inside and outside of the bedroom.”

Although, I have already addressed this topic, most thouroughly in an earlier blog, (see: https://josephsciambra.com/2013/03/gay-porn-unwittingly-reveals-cause-of.html) the point I think needs to be stressed again and again: that the emotional and sexual desires exhibited by gay men, and gay women, reveals much about the inner torment that’s taking place within their souls. For in heterosexuals, they are naturally drawn towards their opposite, the complimentary of their own sex; while homosexuals seek out the same, but in that sameness – they long for the missing piece which should already be inside them – i.e. in gay men: their affirmative masculinity. In his authoritative “The Truth About Homosexuality,” Fr. John Harvey wrote: “…children need to experience a flow of love and praise from their fathers. When this does not take place, they develop an inner sadness and insecurity. The latter occurs because children idealize fathers and tend to believe that something must be wrong with themselves if their basic emotional needs are not being met. The wound of insecurity is particularly painful in males because they are not being validated by their role model. The father wound is very prevalent, particularly today with the collapse of the nuclear family./The majority of males with distant fathers do not struggle with homosexuality through acceptance by male peers…However, some males will have strong homosexual attractions to men in an unconscious attempt to fill the emptiness created by an angry, absent, or negative father.”