According to his contemporary biographer, Thomas of Celano, St. Francis believed: “…only the wall of the flesh would stand between him and God.” And, for this reason, Francis is well known as a great advocate and practitioner of the most extreme forms of physical penances and mortifications. Although, few of us could follow his example to their fullest measure, we can still learn much from him. Especially during this season of Lent, we must strive to suppress and control our bodily passions and desires. The most obvious is to fast: to regulate our food and liquid intake – to refrain from eating certain things, such as chocolate or desserts. But, also, to mortify our sexual appetites. If we have an addiction to pornography and or masturbation – to make a special effort to stay away from anything that might excite our senses. During this time, when the Cross and the Crucifixion are so very near, the Lord will strengthen us during our struggle – so that we may walk along the path to Calvary with Him. For this reason, pray that this Lent will be the beginning of a new life: a life lived everyday with Our Lord Jesus. And, to truly come to the point, like Francis, where the body is our only tie to this earth.