Inside every heart of a gay man or woman is a missing piece to the puzzle. Even though, we were all born intact – something along the way: an unloving parent, a vicious bully at school, a pornographic image on the computer screen, robbed us of our God-given wholeness. Yet, we are oblivious to this; we think of ourselves as different, misunderstood, or persecuted. Those first feelings are confusing, but later they become natural and we can’t recall a time when we didn’t have them. Gradually, we look towards anything that will confirm their righteousness. Here, in a world of acquiescence – we are deceived and come to believe entirely in the genetic status of our homosexuality. At first, in the initial flurry of hope – we believe we have been made whole by simply coming-out. But a mismatched piece of the puzzle has been forced into place; and, no matter how much we try – it never quite fits. Then, we start to become desperate; we grasp at almost anything: the number of sex-partners turns into the hundreds, strange thoughts and ideas seem to work for awhile; only to later fall out of place. For the rest of our lives, we spend every moment looking for that lost part of ourselves. Collectively, the gay community thinks the now vanished Holy Grail is gay-marriage. By holding it, all will be made well and the King brought back to health. Only, the sickness lies within – and the Cross of Jesus Christ is the only power that cane make them intact once again.