“And Joseph was of a beautiful countenance, and comely to behold. And after many days his mistress cast her eyes on Joseph, and said: Lie with me. But he, in no wise consenting to that wicked act, said to her: Behold, my master hath delivered all things to me, and knoweth not what he hath in his own house: Neither is there anything which is hot in my power, or that he hath not delivered to me, but thee, who art his wife: how then can I do this wicked thing, and I sin against my God? With such words as these day by day, both the woman was importunate with the young man, and he refused the adultery. Now it happened on it certain day, that Joseph went into the house, and was doing some business without any, man with him: And she catching the skirt of his garment, said: Lie with me. But he leaving the garment in her hand, fled, and went out.” (Genesis 39: 7-12)

Imagine having an extremely sexually aroused woman (or man,) who finds you incredibly attractive, constantly pursuing and propositioning you. Could you resist? The Joseph of The Old Testament did just that over and over again. And, furthermore, this woman who lusted for Joseph was most likely quite beautiful, as the women of Egypt were the most advanced in the world when it came to the treatment of the body, the use of cosmetics, and perfumes, and manufacture of jewelry, clothing and wigs. She would have surely been an enticing picture for the virginal and inexperienced Joseph. And, according to Scripture her presence and sexual offers were relentless and incessant. Joseph must have been a remarkable man: with a great deal of honor, towards his responsibilities to his employer, and an abundance of Faith in God and in His laws.

For those suffering with porn and sex additions (gay or straight) there are three great lessons here. The first is that the temptations attached to sexual sin will often be intense and unabated. Secondly, that in times of great temptation one must always remain resolute and firmly attached to their moral center of right thinking and action and a commitment to the precepts of the Faith. Lastly, as Joseph did, there are instances when we must flee from those sources of possible sin; even as difficult as that step might be. For, once the wife of Potiphar placed her hands on him, he left. That was the signal that the situation had gone too far; that he needed to remove himself physically from that environment in order to maintain his purity. And, oftentimes, this is a difficult choice to make: to give up a computer, to stop watching television, or to depart the company of certain friends. But, in order to remain within the Grace of God – it’s a necessity. Pray for the intercession of The Old Testament Joseph when battling any sexual sin. “Go to Joseph.”