To those who say: ‘I am gay,” I proclaim that – “There is another way!”
I am often asked what I talk about with the gay men and women I meet at these outreaches: it’s actually very simple and requires just a few sentences and only takes about a minute or less to say. I tell them I lived right there in the Castro for many years , was an openly proud gay man, did some gay porn, got tired of watching my friends die, and I left because I found the life shallow and ultimately very lonely. Done. At that point, most will immediately walk-away, but a precious few want to know more. Here, sometimes eavesdropping bystanders or incredulous friends of the person I am conversing with accuse me of telling gay people what to do and how to live; my steadfast response is: “I cannot tell anyone what to do…let alone make them do what I want; every man or woman has their own personal journey to Christ that is exactly like no one else’s; someday – they have to make the decision; but, don’t they deserve to understand that there are options.” Because so many gay men and women feel that there is no other life for them outside of homosexuality, that they were made this way, and that this is their lot and they have to make the best of it – I always end with: “You don’t have to be gay.”

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