Scottish born actor Alan Cumming, probably most famous for appearing as Nighcrawler in “X-Men 2,” has revealed in his memoir, “Not My Father’s Son,” that his dad physically and verbally abused him as a child: “My father was a monster…When he was abusing me, it was the only time he really noticed me. So there’s that whole weirdness that was going on. My whole life has been imbued with the fact that my father didn’t love me. It’s a huge thing in my life.” Cumming describes himself as bisexual, although he has been civilly married to his male partner since 2007. When asked if his “marriage” was monogamous, Cumming said: “I don’t believe that monogamy is feasible and certainly it’s much harder when you’re gay and you have so many more opportunities. And also, it’s not that important. I’m monogamous in my heart. And also, you know, we’re apart a lot. S**t happens. If something happens, it’s not a big deal. We met when we were both hitting 40 so we were grown ups and very pragmatic.”