On June 18, 2017, according to the official website for St. Joan of Arc Catholic Community in the Archdiocese of Minneapolis: “Musician, actor, composer and dad, Peter Vitale will share his journey of fatherhood for Father’s Day and the beginning of Pride week.” This talk is a part of the parish’s “Lay Pre-Mass Speakers” series. The parish website describes this series:

For many decades, our gifted pre-Mass guest speakers have been an inspirational component of St. Joan of Arc Gym liturgies. Our pre-Mass guest speakers bring singular witness stories to SJA, sharing their journey, their hope and their challenge with our community. Our guest speakers reflect the message of the Gospels and their prophetic voices educate and inspire us on critical issues in our neighborhood, our world and our Church.

Sr. Simone Campbell from the “Nuns on the Bus” fame, even a columnist at “The National Catholic Reporter” found her stance on abortion “inconsistent,” and Betsy Hodges, the pro-Planned Parenthood Mayor of Minneapolis, were former Pre-Mass Speakers.

Peter Vitale married his same-sex partner in 2013 shortly after gay marriage became legal in Minnesota. Earlier, the couple adopted three children. In a 2014 interview, a reporter asked Vitale:

“What about your children – aren’t they asking you questions about the nature of your relationship?”
“[Child’s name]! Do you have any questions about me and dad? About our relationship?”
“Why are you gay?”, sounds [child’s name] voice from the next room.
“Because we were born this way, like Lady Gaga sings!”, responds Peter cheerfully…

This is not the first time the Minneapolis Parish has promoted a secular affirmative view of homosexuality: in 2015, St. Joan of Arc hosted a “Pride Week prayer service” and in 2016, a similar “Pride Week” service featured lesbian singer songwriter Ann Reed. At Christmastime, the Parish also hosts the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus.

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